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Throughout The Respect Experiment are opportunities to truly discover the triggers and opportunities for awareness and change. The worksheets below will help you through the process of the entire experiment. Prompting you to think deeper about choices and what is truly important to you.

Begin with the RQ Test, to determine a baseline for where you are BEFORE reading the book and doing the experiment. Once you have completed the experiment with ten steps in twenty days, go back and take the RQ Test again. Compare your scores to measure any difference in the way you see yourself and the world around you.

Want to share your scores and experience? Click the button on the right to comment and tell us all about it! Your feedback and experiences can be valuable for others who are making their way through the world and making those sometimes difficult changes that are necessary to take our lives to the next level.

Determine Your RQ

Determine Your RQ (204 downloads ) Download the Determine Your RQ

Core Values Worksheet

Core Values Worksheet (153 downloads ) Download the Core Values List

Brain Dump Worksheet

Brain Dump Worksheet (104 downloads ) Download the Brain Dump Worksheet

Self Care Worksheet

Self-Care Worksheet (165 downloads ) Download the Self Care Worksheet