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Now It’s About Me!

Life can be challenging for women, who take care of everything and everyone else first, and themselves last. Our sense of worth can be shaken when we feel like our life is out of control and we have to please everyone, often with little kudos from those we serve. So, how can you make “you” happier? By building more self-respect and creating a deeper connection with the real you. We’ve all heard of self-care, well, this is self-care on steroids! We’re not just talking about a pedicure, ladies!
It’s about connecting with who you are, loving you unconditionally and setting healthy boundaries.

Women who are ready to pop open a toolbox of Guiltless, Boundless Self-Care will gain from this fun and supportive workshop, where you will…..

• Discover tools for training others to show you more respect
• Build self-confidence & realize how to love “you” more, without the guilt!
• Learn simple steps to setting healthy boundaries
• Enhance your life with visualization & affirmations


Your Host – Sue Bonzell

Sue is a Sonoma County radio personality, successful Realtor® and author of The Respect Experiment. Sue knows that more respect is the secret to unlocking more happiness and contentment and that making some simple changes can create dramatic results. Her insights are spot on, offering straightforward techniques that are easy to manage, yet generate massive change in women’s lives.